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Olympus's LS-100 is essentially three things in one: it is a stereo solid state recorder; it is an 8-track solid state recorder and it is one of the best performing solid state sound recorders on the market to date. Oh, and it fits in your hand! Without doubt the LS-100 is quite a remarkable device. Simply put, it does more and it does it better.

How does it do this? Well, clearly they have taken a look at some of the other offerings out there and decided to make their version the best of all worlds. As a result they have delivered a really 'audiophile' device. With its pair of seriously high-end directional studio microphones it is able to capture anything up to an impressive 140dB sound level (without distortion!) and its premium amplifier circuitry enables it to deliver really full depth and very accurate audio imaging, be it from a loud rock concert or the delicate sound of a classical instrument. You also get a pair of combo (XLR/Jack) sockets so you can connect even the best external microphones (with switchable 24 & 48V phantom power), or else for direct injection of your instruments. Moreover, you can easily control these inputs with proper ganged input level controls rather than fiddling about in the menus. And you can set the LS-100 to record either in 2-channel stereo, 4 x 2-channel stereo, or 8-track (multitrack) format so it is extremely versatile. The recordings you make will be breathtakingly good. Superior enough to impress even the most revered professionals in the music, production or broadcasting industries. Have a look at our video below. 

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