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Sennheiser ClipMic Digital

Sennheiser ClipMic Digital



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A precise clip-on microphone, a high-quality external signal converter and simple handling: ClipMic digital is your entry into the professional league for mobile recording with iOS devices.

Your mobile device can deliver professional standard recordings – but not by itself. Now there is ClipMic digital. It offers possibilities which were previously only available to professionals. Only easier. And it comes with all the apps you need. Now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Mobile Recording Series has been developed by Sennheiser and Apogee. As a reference brand in the high-end studio range, Apogee delivers the unmatched technology to convert the signal for ClipMic digital. The result – 96 kHz sampling frequency and 24 bit resolution – surpasses any CD and all expectations of mobile recordings.

You can recognize high quality recordings by a certain silence. No hiss, no echo, no disturbing background noise. Whether podcast or quick interview, presentation or meeting: the ClipMic digital is ready to record in a matter of seconds. Plug in, clip on, start the app and off you go.

Relive those magic moments that sometimes happen in life. Your daughter’s recital in the school performance, the wedding speech, the retirement speech – capture these memories with the best sound quality available using ClipMic.

Whether video blogger or journalist, for Youtube or Skype: now the sound can finally compete with the video quality. With ClipMic, a mobile video solution has emerged that only a short time ago was only possible for television broadcasts.

The small but powerful ME 2 microphone securely screens out ambient noises while focusing fully on the closest sound source – whether speech or song. Easy to attach, including wind shield and highly robust construction.

MetaRecorder saves all recordings in the highest quality – including all the metadata to simplify the subsequent editing. The files are then available via Dropbox, iTunes, or for emailing. With the Maestro app, you can take full control of the ClipMic digital’s finer settings.

Right: ClipMic digital uses the lightning connector, thus saving the high-quality data stream directly in your iOS device. The 3.5 mm stereo connection remains free for monitor connectors via headphones.

Connector Apple Mfi certified Lightning connector
Frequency response 30 - 20,000 Hz
Max. sound pressure level @ min.gain: 126 dB, @ max. gain: 91 dB
Cable length 1.6 m
Transducer principle pre-polarized condenser microphone
Weight 24 g
Diameter 6.5 mm (capsule)
Pick-up pattern omnidirectional
Operating temperature 0 C+50C
Equivalent noise level @ min. gain: -90 dBFS (A), @ max.gain: -57 dBFS(A)
Gain 0 - 35 dB
AD conversion multibit DeltaSigma
Digital Signal Processing Compression, EQ (selectable presets via Apogee Maestro App)
Powering Supplied by iOS device
Sensitivity @ min. gain: -46 dBFS (80 dB SPL, 1 kHz), @ max. gain: -11 dBFS (80 dB SPL, 1 kHz)
Sampling rates 44,1 / 48 / 88,2 / 96 kHz
Bitrate 16 Bit, 24 Bit

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