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Hahnel Powerstation Twin V Pro (Canon/JVC/Panasonic/Sony Video)

Hahnel Powerstation Twin V Pro (Canon/JVC/Panasonic/Sony Video)



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The Twin V Pro is a high end fast charger for Lithium Ion Camcorder Batteries.

  • Supplied with a 12v lead as well as a mains adapter, the Twin V Pro Video can be used at home or while on the move.
  • Fast charger for 1 or 2 lithium ion batteries.
  • 2 charge control systems with 2 LCD Displays; 1for each battery
  • Charge time approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on battery
  • Variable charge current battery overheating protection - depending on battery capacity Twin V Pro converts to a battery tester when power is not connected.
  • Interchangeable battery contact plates, allowing the charging of different Li-Ion batteries from different SLR Cameras.
  • Modern style housing with slide-out charger cover, turning into a stand-up charger support.
  • Lightweight 100 - 240v universal power adapter & 12v car lead.
  • Sleek modern housing, with brushed aluminium detail and slide out cover / stand

Battery Compatibility Chart:

This table gives details of which plates are included with each version of the Hahnel Twin V Pro charger, and what batteries that plate is designed to charge. If the model number of your camera's battery is not listed below please contact us for advice.

Canon T1 BP-511, NB-2LH
  T8 LP-E5
  T9 LP-E6
Nikon T2 EN-EL3/EL3a/EL3e
  T7 EN-EL9
Sony / Pana / Leica T3 Leica BP-DC3, Panasonic CGR-S603
  T4 Sony NP-FM55H/FM500H
Olym / Sams / Pent T2 Olympus BS-BLM1, Pentax D-L150, Samsung SLB-1674
  T6 Olympus BS-BLS1
Video T3 Panasonic CGR-D08/D16/D28/D54, CGA-D54
  T4 Sony L-series: NP-F330/F530/F550/F570/F730/F750/F770/F950/F960/F970
Sony M-series: NP-FM50/FM70/FM90, NP-QM71D, NP-QM91D
  T5b Canon BP-911/930/932/945/970/970G/975, JVC BNV-707/714/717/730/733

*Contact plates not included in retail packaging, but are available free (upon request) from Hahnel.

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