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Hasselblad XCD 135mm F2.8 + X Converter 1.7

Hasselblad XCD 135mm F2.8 + X Converter 1.7



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The XCD 2,8/135 is a short telephoto lens providing a 135mm focal length. It compares to a 105mm full frame lens, making it perfect for portrait or landscape photography. The XCD 135mm features a 1 m close distance setting (1:5.8 and 1:3.4 image scale) and an aperture range between 2,8 and 32. When paired with the dedicated X Converter 1,7, the lens’ focal length grows to about 230mm, providing a 178mm full frame equivalency along with an aperture range of 4,8-55.

Like the other XCD Lenses, the XCD 2,8/135 features an integral central shutter, offering exposure times from 60 minutes to 1/2000s with full flash synchronisation.

The XCD 2,8/135 can be bought with or without the X Converter 1,7.

When purchasing the XCD 2,8/135 with the X Converter 1,7, the Tripod Mount Ring is included in the package.

Aperture range f/4,8 - f/55
Focal length 226 mm
Angle of view 14/11/8
CONVERTER DESIGN 6 elements 4 groups

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