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Leica M-E Typ 240 Body

Leica M-E Typ 240 Body



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The moment you purchase and begin using a Leica M changes your view of the world. And getting into the M-System has never been easier: become the proud owner of the new Leica M-E, benefit from its new entry point retail price and use this opportunity to join the family of M photographers.

The new Leica M-E continues the unique tradition of rangefinder photography. A stringent paring down to the most essential camera functions ensures a streamlined and intuitive operation. Compact, quiet and characteristically discreet, the new Leica M-E allows photographers to blend into their surroundings, establish a direct connection with their subject, and capture each scene with absolute authenticity and brilliant image quality.

The Leica Rangefinder System Seeing the Bigger Picture

Leica’s unique M-System – whose name is based on the German term ‘Messsucher’, meaning rangefinder — has been making history for 65 years. The ‘Messsucher’ presents a bigger picture, a broader view of your subject, and opens up a whole new world of creative freedom enabling the photographer to anticipate the scene before them — and press the shutter at the decisive moment. Therefore, Leica M cameras are particularly suited to street and reportage photography. Additionally, the rangefinder allows for a fast and precise focus, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Visual and Tactile Perfection

The Leica M-E (Typ 240) is distinguished by a timelessly elegant design and high-end construction; each model is handcrafted in Germany. The compact camera body is dust and spray water resistant, while the genuine leather trim offers both a sophisticated appearance and a safer grip on the camera. Top and base plate are finished in an anthracite gray paint which has been developed especially for the M-E.

As with all Leica M models, owners of the new M-E benefit from the comprehensive system compatibility that distinguishes the Leica M series. Thanks to the long-established Leica M-Mount, the M-E is compatible with nearly every M lens ever produced — and so represents a particularly sustainable investment. 

Image Quality without Compromise

The new Leica M-E ranks among the most compact full-frame camera systems in the world. Its 24MP CMOS sensor offers a high light sensitivity up to ISO 6400 – yielding outstanding image results even in low-light situations. Its 2GB buffer memory ensures that the Leica M-E is always ready to shoot, even when capturing a rapid succession of frames – so you can rest assured that you will never miss out on the decisive moment.

The Leica Look in Full-HD

Thanks to its high resolution and light sensitivity, the Leica M-E delivers photographs imbued with the classic ‘Leica look’, characterized by a unique bokeh rendition Leica lenses are known for. Owners of the new Leica M-E are also able to apply this distinctive quality to their moving pictures. The Leica M-E features a 1080p, full-HD movie mode — allowing you to capture stunning videos using a dedicated recording button, adding yet another dimension to your creative pursuits.

Camera type compact digital view and range finder system camera
Lens attachment Leica M bayonet with additional sensor for 6-bit coding
Lens system Leica M lenses from 16 135mm
Picture format / Image sensor CMOS chip, active area approx. 23.9 x 35.8mm (corresponds to usable format of analog Leica M models)
Resolution DNG: 5976 x 3992 pixels (24MP), JPEG: 5952 x 3968 pixels (24MP), 4256 x 2832 pixels (12MP), 2976 x 1984 pixels (6MP), 1600 x 1072 pixels (1.7MP); For video recordings: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA), 720P, 1080P
Data formats DNG (raw data), either uncompressed or compressed (lossless), 2 JPEG compression levels
File size DNG: Compressed 20-30MB, uncompressed 48.2MB, JPEG: Depending on resolution and picture content
Video recording format Motion JPG/Quicktime
Video frame rates 24B/s, 25B/s, 30B/s (with VGA resolution only)
Buffer memory Leica M [M-E]: 1GB [2GB] / 8 [16] pictures in series
Color spaces Adobe RGB, sRGB
Sound recording Mono, stereo using microphone adapter, choice of automatic or manual modulation during recording or fixed Concert setting
White balance Automatic, manual, 7 presets, color temperature entry
Storage medium SD cards up to 2GB / SDHC cards up to 32GB / SDXC cards
Menu languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean
Compatibility Windows Vista SP2/ 7 / 8; Mac OS X (10.5 or higher)
Exposure metering Through the Lens (TTL) metering, with variable aperture, center-weighted TTL metering for flash exposure with systemcompliant SCA-3000/2 standard flash units
Metering principle / method For metering the light reflected by light blades of the 1st shutter curtain onto a measuring cell: Strong center-weighted; for metering on the sensor: Spot, center-weighted, multi-field metering
Metering range (with ISO 200/24) At room temperature and normal humidity, corresponds to ISO 200 at aperture 1.0 EV0 to EV20 at aperture 32. Flashing of the left triangular LED in the viewfinder indicates values below the metering range
Sensitivity range ISO 200 to ISO 6400, adjustable in 1/3 ISO increments, choice of automatic control or manual setting, PULL 100
Exposure mode Choice of automatic shutter speed control with manual aperture preselection - aperture priority A, or manual shutter speed and aperture setting

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