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Lee 100 Adapter Ring (62mm thread)

Lee 100 Adapter Ring (62mm thread)


EAN / UPC : 5055782202499 | Brand : Lee Filters | SKU : FHCAAR62

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Adaptor Rings are a simple but important element of the LEE System, enabling the same holder and filters to be used with different lenses. Simply screw it onto the lens and then clip-on the LEE100 Holder.

This can be used on lenses with a standard 62mm thread.

For focal lengths of 28mm or wider (20mm on a crop sensor), you will require a wide angle adaptor ring.

Standard adaptor ring

The standard adaptor ring is suitable for use with lenses up to a moderate wide-angle. It sits in front of the lens's front thread. The standard adaptor ring is compatible with lens focal lengths of approximately 24-28mm (35mm SLR equivalent) and upwards.

Wide-angle adaptor ring

The wide-angle adaptor ring is suitable for use with wide-angle lenses. It differs from the standard adaptor ring by sitting closer to the front element of the camera's lens. As a result, the likelihood of vignetting is dramatically reduced.

Specialist Adapters

Certain specialist lenses do not have a filter thread on them, or cannot accomodate a standard ring to the bulbous front element of the lens, and for this reason dedicated adapters are available for some lenses.