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Canon EL-100 Speedlite

Canon EL-100 Speedlite



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Create a natural look and feel by bouncing flash off walls and ceilings, or by remote-triggering the Speedlite EL-100 off-camera. An easy Auto mode takes care of the technicalities, so you can get started with flash for better pictures of events, friends and family.

Guide No. (ISO100).meters 26 (50mm) 
Zoom head Yes, Manual 
Focal length coverage 24, 50mm 
Coverage with wide panel
Auto zoom for sensor size No 
Flash modes  
Auto exposure control E-TTLII/E-TTL 
High speed sync (FP) Yes 
Manual / output settings Yes - 1/1- 1/128 
Manual steps 1/3 step 
Strobe / output settings Yes 
Frequency 1-500Hz (1-199Hz using optical Sender function) 
Video light No 
Flash-related function  
FE lock Yes 
Flash Exposure Compensation Yes (set on camera) 
Flash Exposure Bracketing No 
Second-curtain flash sync Yes (set on camera) 
Modelling flash Yes 
Colour temperature info communication Yes 
Wireless flash  
Transmitter Yes 
Transmission type Optical 
Signal range (Infra-red/Radio) Indoors: 0.7-11m / -
Outdoors: 0.7-8m / - 
Reciever function Infra-red 
Sender function Infra-red 
No of groups (Optical/Radio)
No of channels (Optical/Radio)
Remote Shutter Release
Flash head movement  
Up 45, 60, 75 and 90 
Left 60, 75, 90, 120, and 150 
Right 60, 75, 90, 120, 150 and 180  
AI Bounce
AF Assist  
AF Assist Beam Yes 
Number of AF points supported
AF-assist beam type (centre AF point/other AF points) Flash strobe 
Power Source  
Battery 2 x AA batteries 
Minimum recycling time 2 Approx. 5.8sec 
External power supply No 
Dust and water resistance No 
Mounting foot material Metal 
Custom Functions 3 (6 options) 
Flash settings from camera menus 3 Yes 
External flash exposure sensor No 
PC terminal No 
Compatible Accessories Off-camera shoe cord OC-E3 
Dedicated flash bracket No 
Dimensions & weight  
Size (W x H x D), mm 64.6 x 91.7 x 71.0 
Weight (Excluding batteries), grams 190g 

Flash photography made easy

Easily add light to indoor and outdoor shots with the Speedlite EL-100 – providing more power than a built-in flash and a simple mode dial to make it easy to set up and use. The horizontal and vertical bounce capability gives brighter, yet flattering results indoors and lets you light creatively.

Getting creative

When you’re ready to get adventurous with your lighting, the Speedlite EL-100 has some great features to try out. Like stroboscopic flash for freezing a subject in rapid bursts and 2nd curtain sync mode for accentuating the sensation of speed – both superb for capturing moving subjects.

Compact and powerful

Powered by AA batteries and weighing just 190g the Speedlite EL-100 is compact and lightweight enough to take to family occasions and events and get great results. Offering a guide number of 26 and a manual zoom head it can be adjusted for optimal lighting spread.

Go wireless for creative lighting

For more 3-dimensional lighting effects use Speedlite EL-100 as an optical wireless sender to trigger remote flashes from different locations or use it off camera as an optical receiver controlled from compatible EOS camera bodies.

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