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Novaflex Adapter For Canon FD Lens on Micro 4:3

Novaflex Adapter For Canon FD Lens on Micro 4:3



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Precision made bayonette adapters, connect lenses to cameras with different bayonets

None of the adapters will transfer functions from the camera body to the lens. For all modern cameras we recommend the use of the stop-down metering/aperture priority.

The "NT" models (for Nikon, Sony Alpha / Minolta AF and Pentax K lenses) are equipped with an integrated aperture control ring and can also be used with lenses that do not have a manual aperture control ring.

The casing is made of the PP plastics resistant to mechanical damage and low temperatures. Rubber seals additionally protect lenses against water and damp. The pins of the hinges are made of stainless steel to increase their resistance to harsh atmospheric conditions. The case is locked with two snap buckles to prevent accidental opening.

The inside of the case is filled with polyurethane foam to protect the gear against shocks and to hold the lenses securely. Each lens is placed in a specially cut out hole tailored to its size. Suitable for VDSLR / Cine or standard lenses.

Samyang VDSLR Lens Case - size S

  • Designed for a total of 3 lenses
  • External Dimensions 330×310×148mm

Samyang VDSLR Lens Case - size L
  • External Dimensions 500×400×240cm
  • Suitable for 6 Samyang lenses + camera body

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