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Pixel Diffuser 320ex

Pixel Diffuser 320ex



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Material pliable, and flash closely, the color temperature control accuracy. Film schedule transparent installed, under certain thickness, the molecules in present lattice outfit, make the light happen scattering translucent outfit, heat-resistant 130 degree, with excellent soft stretch sex and resistance, chemical stability fractured.

Product advantage:
1, colorless/colored translucent polyethylene material, euphotic rate is high, bao houkuo piece.
2, colour temperature must, colour reduction nature.
3, flexibility wear-resisting, tensile compressive, resistance to cold, heat resistant.
4, order is convenient, inexpensive and only accept material cost and minimum processing charges.
5, appearance, works excellent, reputation 

Method of use:
In addition to the furthest distance outside minus 2.5, need not be coefficient of other adjustments.
In addition to TTL; not in normal mode of the top point-blank location using machine lambency hood. In order to achieve the best effect should USES 45 degrees of inclined.
In order to achieve the best effect, should use 45 degrees oblique fire.
As long as the camera colour temperature is set in 3500K - 4000K, can avoid to make films in yellow, or add blue 10 or so. PS

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