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Profoto Umbrella Deep Silver S

Profoto Umbrella Deep Silver S



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  • Deeper shape for better control and precise light shaping.
  • Extremely lightweight and portable.
  • 16 glass fiber rods for a rounder shape and a more even light spread.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Heat resistant, high-quality fabrics.
  • Surface treated metallic elements to prevent rust and discoloration.
  • Optional diffusor available for a softer, more even light spread.
  • Delivered with a high-quality bag that protects the umbrella during storage.

Profoto Umbrella Deep S is unique in that it is small and lightweight yet deep and parabolically shaped. The deeper shape gives the photographer better control of the light spread. It also allows the photographer to focus and shape light by simply sliding the umbrella shaft in its holder. Profoto Umbrella Deep S is available in three versions: silver, white and translucent. The silver version creates a very crisp and direct light with high light output, comparable to that of a hard reflector. Attach the optional diffuser for a softer, more even light spread.

Dimensions: Umbrella
Diameter: 85cm(33")
Depth: 33cm(13")
Fold Length: 69cm(27")
Assembled length: 69cm(27")
Weight (without case): 0.45kg(1lbs)
Dimensions: Case + umbrella
Lenght: 76cm(30")
Width: 16cm(6")
Depth: 6cm(2")
Weight (incl.umbrella): 0.55kg(1.2lbs)

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