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Benro GH2 Gimbal Head

Benro GH2 Gimbal Head


EAN / UPC : 6931747334056 | Brand : Benro

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Benro Gimbal head provide specialized support for heavy telephoto lenses, by positioning and rotating your lens around it's center of gravity its exceptionally easy to shoot with very large lenses, faster and far more stable than tradtional heads, there are four styles to choose from depending on the need for compactness or levels of camera positiong. All models are compativle with the universal Arca-swiss QR system (Benro PL lens place).

Tilt Adjustment

Extreme tilt angles can be achieved effortlessly for simple balanced shooting with or without utilizing the over-sized locking knob.

Quick-Release Clamp

Compatible with universal Arca-Swiss QR system, the newly designed safety lock ensure great security for your gears.

Lengthen guard rail and safety stop nail

Lengthen guard rail convenient to adjust the gravity center of the camera. The nail can be preventing the gears to fall off by accident

Vertical and lateral camera positioning

Provides optimum camera/lens placement most precise system balance.

International Standard Screw Nut

3/8 International standard screw connector ensure a wide range of compatible with other brands.

Pan adjustment

Full horizontal angle adjustment with lock for smooth and precise 360 degree camera placement.

Dimensions L 242mm X W 89mm X H 241mm
Weight 1.44 kg
Max Load 23 kg
Screw 1/4"