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Swarovski BH Bino Harness

Swarovski BH Bino Harness


EAN / UPC : 9006325101591 | Brand : Swarovski | SKU : DF-Z739-0225

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The harness provides optimum protection for your binoculars and is exceptionally comfortable when observing wildlife or hunting. It also means that your binoculars are always to hand when you need them. The compact harness is easy to put on thanks to its convenient magnetic fasteners, and your binoculars always stay close to your chest as you move around. But it's not just practical. The harness also impresses with its SWAROVSKI OPTIK design and top-quality materials.

  • Suitable for:
  • AX Visio
  • EL 32 / EL 42
  • EL Range 32 / EL Range 42
  • NL Pure342 / NL Pure 42 / NL Pure 52
  • SLC 56

NB - Binoculars NOT included

Compact harness for your binoculars

Whether you’re sprinting, crawling, or squatting, the harness holds your binoculars firmly in place. There is also an extra strap on each side to ensure your binoculars are totally secure. Smaller items can also be stowed quickly and securely in the two side compartments.

Maximum protection for your binoculars

Protect your binoculars from moisture, sudden impacts and more. Even if you’re crawling or crouching close to the ground, the harness will protect your binoculars from dirt and stones. It also means that your binoculars are always to hand when you need them.

Grab your binoculars whenever you need them

To grab your binoculars, just open the front flap using the magnetic fastener on top of the harness and fold it down. It’s even easy to do this with one hand. To ensure the flap stays put, simply attach it to the bottom of the harness with a magnetic fastener.

All-round comfort

The ergonomically shaped, robust straps, the strategically placed padding, and the X-design on the back relieve the strain on your neck and ensure that you hardly notice you are wearing the harness. The flat back design means you can also wear a backpack if you wish.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK design and quality

Enjoy the benefit of top-quality materials and fasteners. They are robust and durable so you can enjoy using your harness for as long as possible during every activity. The harness has been designed to perfectly fit your SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars and the dark green fabric is inconspicuous in the great outdoors.