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Photo Lab FAQs

How should film(s) or photo(s) be submitted? How should digital photo(s) be sent to the lab? How long does Developing a Roll of film take? How long does Printing or Sc ...
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Developing & Printing Services

The Conns Photolab (introduced in 1990) offers a high quality and cost effective range of services including developing, printing and scanning for film, digital or print reproduction. With top-of-the range machinery from Fujifilm and Epson we can cover all your needs from postcard size prints in the hour up to 40″ canvases stretched onto custom-made wooden frames. ...
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Video Tape & Cine Transfers

Through a combination of high-end equipment on-site, and relationships with specialist firms across Dublin, we can offer a wide range of transfer services to covert film, tape and disc based video between different formats and media. Cine Film Transfer Tape Transfer DVD Transfer ...
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Fill-in and Fit-in Explained

When you are leaving your photos in to be printed, you may choose the option Fill-in or Fit-in. Fill-In is the standard, default setting. Fill-In Explained Most compact cameras and phones take photos in a 4:3 ratio. What this means is that if you select a 6×4 size pri ...
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