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Spypoint FLEX-S Cellular Trail Camera with Solar Panel

Spypoint FLEX-S Cellular Trail Camera with Solar Panel

EAN / UPC : 887157022136 | Brand : Spypoint | SKU : SPY-03017

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Discover Instant Mode & On Demand

The Spypoint FLEX-S wireless camera uses a 36 MP camera to capture incredibly detailed images and 1080p video recording capabilities for stunning videos. Plus, with its NEW Instant Mode, now you can adjust settings, capture images, record videos, and much more from the comfort of your home.

Photo Transmission Plans

You start with the free data plan after activation. This includes 100 images that you can transfer. After that, the camera works like an “ordinary” game camera. So nothing is lost to you.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose one of three paid data plans. Here you can decide for yourself whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually, whereby you can save up to 33% if you pay annually! As a member of the SPYPOINT Insiders Club you save another 20% per data plan.

After the paid rate expires, the free rate is automatically used again. This way, you only pay when you want to and have full cost control.

Performance & Power

The Spypoint FLEX-S harnesses the power of its predecessor, improving upon it through the addition of a solar panel and on-demand capabilities. The solar panel works to keep the FLEX-S operational for months on end, using the sun’s powerful rays to charge the internal lithium and ensuring your observed location remains covered for even longer.

Detailed Photos & Video

With its 36MP camera and 1080p video recording capabilities, the Spypoint FLEX-S provides all the observation you could need in crystal-clear detail, with photos and videos presented in full-colour by day and in crisp black & white at night. Use these capabilities to stay on top of any activity within the observation area or monitor the behavioural patterns of animals in order to choose the perfect time to head to your location.

The FLEX-S offers four capture modes, including: Photo mode, for still image capture; Video mode for video recording with audio; and Time-Lapse and Time-Lapse+ (Time-Lapse+ mode will take photos at user-defined intervals or when the sensor is triggered).

Its responsive trigger will automatically configure the camera’s settings to match the conditions at the time of photo capture, ensuring the image captured is the best quality it can be, each and every time.

Images captured on the device are also stored to a microSD (to optimise storage, the microSD card can be formatted with just a press of the “Format” button located on the front of the wireless camera). The “Test” button found next to the “Format” button will take a test photo so you can leave your camera in your location knowing that it is working as it should be.

Dual SIM LTE Connectivity

The FLEX-S uses LTE cellular network connectivity to achieve improved reliability and longevity, removing the need for a Wi-Fi connection and providing more autonomy for the camera in areas where a lack of reception or an electricity supply would make observation impossible. LTE wireless connectivity, a dual SIM card system, multi-carrier auto-connectivity, and its optimised antenna provides fast and reliable connection speeds, as well as significantly improved cellular coverage.

How Does Dual SIM Work?

The FLEX-S is provided with two preactivated and preinstalled SIM cards that work across all of the major network providers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. When it is switched on, the wireless camera will check one of the SIM cards for network connectivity, and if it finds a useable cellular signal, it stops searching; using that network to send photos and videos to your phone or tablet via the Spypoint app.

However, if the first SIM card cannot find a reliable cellular signal, it will switch to the second SIM card, repeating the process until it can achieve a strong enough connection. The addition of two SIM cards ensures that, if there is a viable network connection to be made, the FLEX-S is going to make it.

Because these SIM cards work across every major provider, should something happen to the quality of the connection once it’s been made, the FLEX-S will automatically check the other SIM card to see if a stronger network connection has become available, switching over to the strongest cellular signal and ensuring you always remain connected — meaning you’ll bever miss any movement within your observation area.

New Instant Mode & On Demand

The new Instant Mode available on the FLEX-S allows you to communicate with the wireless camera from your connected smartphone or tablet via the Spypoint app at any time, not just at the next scheduled sync. With this intuitive new feature, you can adjust the camera’s settings, request a status update, and even request on-demand photo or video capture.

(To benefit from on-demand photo capture, you must have photos available on your transmission plan. If you are on the Free plan and have reached the limit of the 100 free photos, you will not receive an image. Find out more about transmission plans here.)

Network LTE multi-carrier auto connectivity
Detection Range Up to 30 m / 100 ft
Detection Angle 50°
Motion Detector Infrared
Trigger Speed 0.3 s
Video Resolution 1920x1080p
Video Format MP4
Video Length 15 s
Photo Resolution 36 MP
Photo Format .jpg
Time Lapse Mode Time Lapse and Time Lapse+ (Time Lapse with motion detection enabled)
Multishot Mode Up to 3 photos per detection
Capture Mode Colour by day, black and white by night
Delay Between Each Detection Adjustable from instant to 30 minutes
External Memory Micro SD card up to 512 GB (not included)
Power Source(s) 12 V battery (not included)
8x AA batteries (not included)
Built-in solar panel (included)
Lithium battery pack (LIT-22) (not included)
Solar panel lithium battery (SPLB-22) (not included)
Illumination Options 4 powerful LED
Night Light Range Up to 30 m / 100 ft
Dimensions 10.6 x 21.6 x 7.9 cm (H,W,D)
Operating Temperatures -30 to +50 °C