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Cokin P Series Adapter Ring P477 77mm Ring

Cokin P Series Adapter Ring P477 77mm Ring


EAN / UPC : 085831271423 | Brand : Cokin

Available Options:

Filter Size:

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Out-of-stock items may still be ordered, and will be supplied as promptly as possible.

For use with Cokin P series standard or Wide-Angle holder

Please be sure to choose the right adapter ring for your lens:

Filter Thread Diameter (mm)A SeriesP SeriesZ-PRO SeriesX-PRO Series
 36 A436      
 37 A437      
 39 A439D      
 40.5 A440XD      
 41 A441D
 42 A441A
 43 A443      
 43.5 A443X      
 44 A444      
 46 A446      
 48 A448 P448    
 49 A449 P449 Z449  
 52 A452 P452 Z452  
 54 A454      
 55 A455 P455 Z455  
 58 A458 P458 Z458  
 62 A462 P462 Z462 X462
 67   P467 Z467 X467
 72   P472 Z472 X472
 77   P477 Z477 X477
 82   P482 Z482 X482
 86     Z486A
 95     Z495B X495B
 96     Z496B X496B
 105       X405
 112       X412A
Hasselblad B50 A401 P401    
Hasselblad B60   P402 Z402 X402
Hasselblad B70   P403 Z403 X403
Rollei VI   P404 Z404 X404