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Sigma 105mm WR Circular Polarizer Filter

Sigma 105mm WR Circular Polarizer Filter

€279.00 €189.00 €90.00

EAN / UPC : 085126930868 | Brand : Sigma | SKU : AFK9C0

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Circular Polarizer (CPL) filter removes glare from reflective surfaces like water and glass; also increases the contrast in landscape photography. It is effective in most situations, such as landscape, portrait and general photography on a sunny day.

Antistatic filter coating prevents microscopic dust clinging to the surface

Water-repellent (WR) Coating

The WR coating reflects only 0.24 percent of visible light, thereby minimizing flare and ghosting. Its ability to repel both water and oil is also excellent: water drops bounce right off, and fingerprints are easily removed with a quick wipe. This coating also offers high lubricating ability, giving it more than ten times the scratch-preventing capability of SIGMA’s current Super Multi-Layer Coating. The coating’s antistatic function helps prevent static electricity from attracting dust and other particles, which can easily be blown off the filter when they do adhere.

Case ideal for filter storage

The storage case is made of a special acrylic that is both stronger and more flexible than conventional filter storage case materials. The outer acrylic case is molded so as to be integrated with the inner elastomer holder, creating a filter holder designed to last many years with minimal deterioration. The case is designed to be highly durable and not open or close accidentally during use. All of these individual benefits add up to a case that is ideal for filter storage.