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Lume Cube CTO 4 Pack - For the Light-House

Lume Cube CTO 4 Pack - For the Light-House


EAN / UPC : 855239006558 | Brand : Lume Cube | SKU : LC-LHCTO11 178454

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Perfect for shooting in different environments, the CTO (Color Temperature Orange) 4 Pack comes with 4 different warming gels which allow you to adjust the Lume Cube's color temperature.

  • 806 Warm Amber 2 (Y=50.4%)
    Filter for major warm up correction of cool white LED to Tungsten
  • 807 Warm Amber 4 (Y=65.1%)
    Filter for medium warm up correction of white LED to Tungsten
  • 808 Warm Amber 6 (Y=75.4%)
    Filter for correction of warm white LED to Tungsten
  • 809 Warm Amber 8 (Y=79.7%)
    Filter for fine correction of warm white LED to Tungsten

We always strive to bring you the best products, and our filters are no different. We have partnered with Lee Filters to build in their Zircon LED filters that last 200 times longer than standard lighting filters. Not only are Zircon filters longer-lasting than their standard counterparts, they’re sturdier, too.

Manufactured using a 180-micron material, they are more than double the thickness of a normal lighting filter. This makes them more durable and easy-to-use