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Wish Lists and Gift Registries

Built into our website is a comprehensive system, where you can organise products you want to buy, want to suggest, or want to receive into simple lists. You can create as many lists as you wish, with sensible or memorable names, and then share these with your friends (publicly or behind a password) or keep them private. 

  • Lists enable you to create a group of product suggestions, such as a wish list or shopping list, which you can return to later or share with other people (If you intend multiple people to buy from your suggested list we recommend setting a large quantity to avoid them item being closed off as 'fullfilled'). Items chosen from a List simply go into your basket to be purchased as normal.
  • Registries enable a group of products to associated with a specific event. You can then invite others to purchase items for you, and either have them delivered to yourself or collect them from the shop.

Creating Your First List 

This couldn't be easier - just select a quantity and hit the "Add to Wish List" button on any product. A box will pop up asking you to name your new list (or allowing you to select an existing list if you're already logged-in), and then you'll be asked to log-in (or register) if you never have before. 

Finding Your List(s) 

If you created a list and want to find it again simply click on the account silhouette at the top of any page (between the search bar and basket summary), and then click on "My Lists".