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Colorama 4.5ft China Blue Paper Roll (1.35 x 11m)

Colorama 4.5ft China Blue Paper Roll (1.35 x 11m)


EAN / UPC : 5060101583036 | Brand : Colorama | SKU : LL CO515

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Colorama background papers offer the widest choice of colours and sizes available on the market. Choose from 55 different colours and shades!

Choose from 55 different colours, from vibrant blues, yellows, greens and reds to soft pastels and subtle greys and browns, and of course white and black! Photographers and Videographers can select special papers for blue- or green-screen applications, as well as an 18% grey background for where that is required

  • Colorama coloured papers are made from 90% recycled paper products. All other raw materials are sourced from managed renewable sources.
  • Chromablue and Chromagreen are special shades in the Colorama range, manufactured to achieve a colour as close as possible to Chromakey colours within the limits of paper manufacture, but they should not be relied on as exact matches of the Chromakey colours.
  • Granite has been designed for use when an 18% grey shade is required

Although every effort is made by Colorama to ensure consistency of product, the paper manufacture process may cause slight variations in colour. The texture and lighting of the surface can influence the final appearance of the colour.

The core size on 4.5ft and 9ft wide paper rolls is approx 5.4cm

Paper is a natural product and is affected by ambient conditions of light and humidity. Colorama recommend that paper rolls are stored upright in a dry environment.