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YouStar Content Creator Video Kit

YouStar Content Creator Video Kit

€89.99 €49.00 €40.99

EAN / UPC : 5391524972245 | Brand : Capti YouStar | SKU : YS2245

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The Capti Content Creator Video Kit is a must have accessory kit for mobile content creators. Designed for filming on the go with your smartphone, the Video Kit comes with a mic for crisp audio, two ultra-bright LED video lights, and a phone rig.

  • Professional quality audio direct to phone or camera
  • Electret Condenser technology for enhanced clarity and reduced background noise
  • Super bright Mini LED light with good spread and long-lasting battery
  • Handheld shots can be made stable and smooth with phone rig

When your built in microphone just won’t cut it anymore, the included Microphone is the perfect way to up the audio quality of your content. The Mini LED Lights are an excellent way to transform the look of your shoots, as sometimes, a burst of light is exactly what you need to give your content that unmistakable touch of professionalism. The included Smartphone Video Rig can be used handheld, or you can also mount the Rig on any tripod, allowing you to capture smooth, cleaner shots easily! Perfect for content creators who want to make truly fantastic, professional looking videos or indeed anyone wanting to improve their phone filmmaking skills. No more shaky movement, or fumbling as you create your high quality, professional content.

  • Includes:
  • 1x Microphone
  • 2x Mini LED Video Lights
  • 1x Smartphone Video Rig